Setting the Foundation for Learning and Leadership

As 2021 begins to take flight, I have been reflecting and processing everything that happened last year. There was no playbook for how to deal with the pandemic. No amount of planning in my role as Chief Operating Officer or my years in the workforce could have prepared for this.

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However, it has reminded me to always focus on my “true north,” which is to create a more joyful and inclusive world by bringing people together to learn, laugh, and play. This has helped me navigate this unprecedented year as a leader. …

Continuous Learning, Engaging and Putting It All to Work

*This is part 2 of some reflections from my leadership journey. For a look at the first piece, please see here.

I want to give you a sense of my experience back in the classroom, what I took away from this week of incredible learning, and most importantly, how it helped me crystalize my purpose as both a leader and as a person.

The commitment to a week of time at Harvard Business School’s ALD course was an investment I chose to make towards leveling-up my leadership capabilities and becoming a better leader for Riot.

The class required a substantial…

Scott Gelb

Chief Operating Officer at Riot Games. Washington University & KU Alum. Roots from St. Louis, MO. Ziggs main in League of Legends & lifelong MMO fan.

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